About Us

Department of Econometrics was established in 1982. Econometrics is generally defined as an intersection of economics, statistics and mathematics. In this sense, econometrics, economics and statistical weighted education are given in the department of Econometrics. In addition to these, courses in operations research, mathematics, computer and foreign language courses are also taught. The Master and Ph.D. programs are conducted by the Institute of Social Sciences of Gazi University in cooperation with the department of Econometrics.

Nowadays, it is not as convincing that any economic phenomenon can be interpreted without using econometrics and statistics and it is not possible to make predictions in the future. For this reason, the economist absolutely needs an econometrist or statisticians or he himself needs to learn econometrics or statistics. From this point, it is possible to define economist as an engineer.

Students who complete the Department of Econometrics will be able to work in research units, insurance and research companies of all banks and ministries such as Ministry of Development, Turkish Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT),  Central Bank, Capital Market Board and Undersecretariat of Treasury. In addition, they have employment opportunities in every business where economists are employed.

Gazi University Department of Econometrics is divided into branches of Econometrics, Statistics and Operations Department. Econometrics comprises the field of theoretical and applied econometrics, in which economics is emphasized. The field of Statistics includes  the field of theoretical and applied statistics, and the field of Operations Management encloses  the field of nonlinear programming, target programming, production and supply chain, and decision making techniques. Postgraduate studies include Econometrics (Master Thesis), Applied Operations Research (Master Thesis), Econometrics (Master Thesis) and Econometrics (Doctorate) programs.

Students who want to enter the Gazi University Department of Econometrics will score at least 193.000 on the entrance examination to the university based on the last exam  in the form of TM-1 points.  There is no preparatory class in our department.